The London Nº1 around the world – Atelier Classic Bar, Thun (Switzerland)

The city of Thun is located at the foot of the Alps, and embodies the wild scenery’s authentic personality. It is the perfect place to get lost in its gorgeous streets that take you back to another era with a castle that watches the horizon.

In this fairy-tale scenery lies the Atelier Classic Bar, a place where time stops and small life’s joys become great experiences.


The bartender Rebekka Anna Salzmann teaches us to make the most of the small joys with her latest creation “Charlie Blu”, a cocktail created for the international cocktail competition Legends of London 2018.


The person who inspired this cocktail is Charlie Chaplin no less. A humble person with a hint of provocativeness that inspired humanity with few words. This is exactly what, the creator states, links it to The London Nº1.


The cocktail’s smell and nuances reflect innovation and tradition. It is elegant, gentle and burlesque. It is not shy and has a profundity in sip.


“Charlie Blu”


3,5 cl The London Nº1

1,5 cl Noilly Prat

1,5 cl St. Germain

1 bs Crème de Violette

2 ds de cucumber/dill infusion



Mix all of the ingredients in the shaker and shake intensely. Double strain. Use ice to cool down the infusion and then spray the cocktail with it.