THE LONDON Nº1 AROUND THE WORLD – The Bombay Club and Martini Bar

Born in London, but with a travelling spirit, The London Nº1 is present in many corners of the world. From here, we are going to tell you about the journey of this exceptional gin in different places and countries.

We start this journey in the United States

IMG_11311Fancy having a delicious The London Nº1 Gin Martini in the picturesque French Quarter of New Orleans?
First stop on our journey is The Bombay Club and Martini Bar. Located in the French Quarter, it is the perfect venue to relax after a day out exploring the city. The menu has a selection of European and New Louisiana dishes to enjoy while listening to live jazz.

But the real gem of this establishment is its bar, where manager Blake Kaiser serves up an impressive selection of cocktails where Martini is King. From the menu featuring over 50 unique cocktails, sip on The London Nº1 gin as you enjoy the atmosphere with the music that fills the nightlife of New Orleans.

Good food, jazz and The London Nº1, a perfect mix to experience the authentic atmosphere of the capital of Louisiana.