1. Ownership of the Website

The sole owner and legal user of the contents of this website is GONZÁLEZ BYASS, S.A., with Tax Identification Number A-11605276 and head office at c/ Manuel Mª González, 12; 11403 Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) – Spain. The Company, hereinafter GONZÁLEZ BYASS, is registered in the Mercantile Register of the Cádiz Province, Volume 219, Sheet 503, Page 29, Companies Book, 3rd Section.

2. Acceptance of the General Terms of Use 

These General Terms of Use govern the use of the services described on our Internet website. You are considered a user for browsing and/or using the services on this website. Both the navigation and the use of any service offered on this site involve the acceptance as a user, without reservations of any kind, of every General Term of Use and every General Term of Engagement regulating the provision of the said services. GONZÁLEZ BYASS may carry out, at any time and without prior notice, any change or update regarding the information and contents of its website, including the configuration or display of the website itself.

3. Liability from GONZÁLEZ BYASS.

GONZÁLEZ BYASS shall not assume any liability arising from a misuse or an inappropriate or illicit use of the information contained in this website.
GONZÁLEZ BYASS makes every possible effort to provide clear, understandable and suitable information through its website, as well as to avoid any error insofar as it is possible and, where applicable, to repair or modify these errors. Nonetheless, with the limits established by the law, GONZÁLEZ BYASS shall not assume any liability arising from the lack of truthfulness, integrity, validity and/or accuracy of the details or information contained in its website. GONZÁLEZ BYASS shall not be liable for any damage arising from (i) any interference, omission, interruption, computer virus, breakdown and/or disconnection in the user´s equipment, caused by reasons to which GONZÁLEZ BYASS is not a party; (ii) any delay and/or blocking in the use caused by deficiencies or overloads in the Internet; (iii) damages arising from third parties through illegitimate interferences beyond the control of the Shop and not to be ascribable to GONZÁLEZ BYASS; (iv) damages arising from the impossibility to provide service or allow access for reasons not attributable to GONZÁLEZ BYASS, caused by the user, by third parties, or in case of force majeure. All GONZÁLEZ BYASS websites may contain links to third parties, which are beyond the control of GONZÁLEZ BYASS. Therefore, GONZÁLEZ BYASS shall not assume any liability as regards the contents of these third-party websites. GONZÁLEZ BYASS shall not be deemed liable for any inappropriate use of this website by any third party, or for any information transferred to others by these third parties. The contents provided through this website have a sheer information nature; therefore, any use of the said contents by any user is the exclusive responsibility of this user, and so is any eventual consequence, damage or inconvenience arising from the use of these contents. GONZÁLEZ BYASS reserves the right to take any legal action in relation with any illicit use of its website contents made by third parties.

4. Industrial and Intellectual Property 

All industrial property rights contained in this website (such as brands, trade names, designs, etc) are the exclusive property of GONZÁLEZ BYASS, of any company being part of the GONZÁLEZ BYASS Group, or are legitimately exploited by virtue of agreements or use licenses, these elements being duly registered before the relevant national, Community and international authorities and protected according to the applicable national, Community or international legislation on industrial property. The intellectual property rights related to the contents, texts, guides, corporate signs and images et al. of this website are the property of GONZÁLEZ BYASS or of the other individuals or legal entities mentioned on the site, these rights remaining protected by the Spanish legal system and by the applicable Community and international regulations. Any non-authorised reproduction, distribution, marketing or transformation of these contents -except for those situations provided for by the law for personal and private use- is a breach of the GONZÁLEZ BYASS intellectual property rights or of the relevant holder. Any partial or total reproduction, distribution, marketing or transformation of any content of this website is forbidden, unless a previous written authorisation by GONZÁLEZ BYASS has been issued. The printing and downloading of excerpts from the contents owned by GONZÁLEZ BYASS is authorised only for personal and private use. Any application for these purposes must be forwarded to nacional@gonzalezbyass.es.
In order to exercise the right to quote, © GONZÁLEZ BYASS must be mentioned as owner of the contents or documents reproduced, as well as its website www.gonzalezbyass.com as the source of information if necessary. For those cases where the excerpts from contents or documents included in this website are the property of a third party, “© [name of the holder]” must be mentioned, as well as “as published on the GONZÁLEZ BYASS website”. In any case, an e-mail informing of this intention must be sent to the following address: nacional@gonzalezbyass.es

5. Protection of Personal Data.

In order to access some of the services offered by GONZÁLEZ BYASS through its website www.gonzalezbyass.com, you must provide some personal data. These details might be transferred to other companies related to GONZÁLEZ BYASS, or to any third party needing to know them so that GONZÁLEZ BYASS may carry out its activities. Through the acceptance of these Terms, the user expressly agrees with the transfer or communication of his/her personal data to third-party companies, so that these third-party companies may treat the said personal data with the aim of guaranteeing the continuity of the services offered by GONZÁLEZ BYASS and may also monitor the correct functioning of the website. Under no circumstances shall GONZÁLEZ BYASS send you any non-requested information (known as “SPAM”).

1. In compliance with the provisions of the 15/1999 Organic Law, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that your personal data will be kept and treated in a file property of GONZÁLEZ BYASS, with the aim of offering and providing our services, as well as informing you of any news or offer related to such services. Likewise, we inform you of the possibility of exercising, at any time, your rights of access, correction, cancellation or objection to your personal details, by means of an e-mail forwarded to lopd@gonzalezbyass.es or a written document sent (please, do not forget to enclose a photocopy of your National Identity Card) to the following address:

At. Responsable Seguridad LOPD
Calle Manuel María González, 12,
11403 Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz)

2. In accordance with the current legislation in force, the access by minors to the contents of this website is forbidden; therefore, any user, before entering the site, must state that he/she is of age, undertaking to provide truthful data in this regard.

Users commit themselves to comply with these General Terms of Use and to follow the instructions for use contained in the website, as well as to always act according to the law, the good customs and the demands of good faith, being aware of the nature of the services they are enjoying. Users commit themselves: (i) in case he/she registers as user, to provide truthful information about himself/herself, and to keep this information updated; (ii) not to introduce, store or spread, in or from the Site, any defamatory, insulting, obscene, threatening or xenophobic information that may infringe the moral, the public order, the fundamental rights and liberties, the honour, the privacy or the image of third parties and, in general, the legislation in force; (iii) not to introduce, store or spread through the Shop any computer programme, data, virus, code, hardware or telecommunication equipment, or any other physical or electronic instrument or device that may cause damages to the above mentioned Shop, to any of the Services provided or to any equipment, system or network belonging to any other User, to any GONZÁLEZ BYASS provider or, in general, to any third party, or damages that may cause, in any other manner, any alteration of any nature or any disruption to the normal operation of the said equipments, systems or networks; (iv) to properly guard the “User Name” and “Password” that they have chosen as identifying and authorising elements for the access to the Services, undertaking not to transfer their use or to allow the access of third parties through them, therefore assuming any liability that may arise from a wrongful use of the said User Name or Password. Likewise, Users commit themselves to inform GONZÁLEZ BYASS, with the shortest possible delay, of the loss or theft of this “User Name” or “Password”, or of any risk of a third party accessing them; (v) not to carry out any advertising, promotional or commercial exploitation activity through the Shop, ever using the contents and particularly the details obtained through the said Shop, with the aim of forwarding advertising information or sending messages intended for a direct sale or for any other commercial objective, or to collect or store personal data from third parties; (vi) not to use false identities or to replace anyone´s identity when using the Shop or any of the services offered on it, including the use, for this or any other purpose, of passwords or access keys belonging to third parties; (vii) not to destroy, alter, use in own advantage, cancel or damage the data, information, programmes or electronic documents owned by GONZÁLEZ BYASS, its providers or any third party; (viii) not to introduce, store or spread through the Shop any content violating industrial or intellectual property rights or business secrets from third parties, or, in general, any content of which the right to transfer to third parties is not possessed.

The terms and conditions concerning the access to this website shall be regulated and construed according to the Spanish legislation, the resolution of any dispute or matter related to or arising from such Website being irrevocably under the authority of the Courts and Tribunals of Jerez de la Frontera.