Christos Kostopoulos, a swiss bartender, created his signature cocktail “Thames Tide” at the heart of Basilea, specifically at the Rouge Bar. A spectacular bar located amongst the clouds as it is at an altitude of 105 meters where you can enjoy impressive views of the vibrant city.

The Rouge bar is also the ideal place to enjoy a delicious meal with views and later, be tempted by the wide range of drinks and cocktails. It is also famous amongst its visitors due to its special celebrations and the night being brought to life by the DJ.

Kostopoulos moved everyone at Legends of London 2018 final with a cocktail with its pure London essence: “Thames Tide”. The iconic river is the source of his inspiration. A river which joins the old to the modern, a river by which London plants such as elderflower, tea from the Far East, wines, fruits…As the Thames is one of the arteries which feed and enriches London’s life and culture.


– 60 ml of The London Nº1

– 20 ml of Tío Pepe

– 7,5 ml of lavender syrup

– 2 g wormwood

– 2 g  elderflower

– 3 g  blue thai tea



  1. Infusion  Tío Pepe with the  wormwood and the elderflower in the coffee syphon representing the tide.
  2. Infuse The London Nº1 with the blue tea.
  3. Mix Tío Pepe with the lavender syrup and the infused The London Nº1 in a mixing glass.
  4. Double strain and serve in a chilled  Martini glass.

Enjoy the cocktail video-recipe here.