The London Nº1 around the World – The Pearl (Shanghai)

Every day more than 24 million people walk the streets of Shanghai, one of the cities with the most inhabitants on the planet.

The gastronomy in this country is broad and varied, however there’s nothing better than a good recommendation to succeed at the time of stopping to enjoy a unique evening.

The Pearl is an establishment located in the district of Hongkou, to the north of Shanghai, and it’s one of the most popular restaurants in the city. It’s known for its spectacular atmosphere and live music. Every night you will be surprised with a different live performance that is just a small taste of what this restaurant offers.



The Pearl consists of three independent areas where the clients can relax whilist trying their best cocktails, such as the Gin of Thrones. This delicious cocktail, with a touch of basil, was their bet for the World Gin Day 2016 edition.