The London Nº1 around the world- Muà Lounge Restaurant (Genova)


Genova, the 6th largest city in Italy, is considered historically as one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean.

A stone’s throw away from Via Roma lays a minimalistic distinct and international restaurant, aperitif club and cocktail bar, Muà Lounge Restaurant.



The bartender, Luca Rossi, has worked in the best premises in Milan, Genoa and Alassio. He is currently specializing in the study of vintage cocktails.

In the last edition of League of Legends (2017) he introduced his creation, “Last Call”. This cocktail is inspired by the sea, British fleets, and spices from British colonies, it transports us to an age of adventure.

A unique experience that makes you feel the union between Genova and England. “Last Call” is in an explosion of flavours that will forever last in your memory.


“Last Call”


-50 ml The London N° 1

-30 ml Marsala Intorcia Dry

-5 drops lavender bitter

-5 drops green tea bitter




Add ice to shaker then pour the gin. Add the lavender bitter and green tea bitter. Mix for a few seconds, and dilute with Marsala. Pour into iced cup, decorate with lavender and lemon zest.