The London Nº1 around the world – Golvet bar- Berlin, Germany.


In the heart of Berlin there is the Golvet bar, a unique space that satisfies the senses of its visitors due to their ability in preparing designed signature drinks made by experts in mixology. Tasting one of these cocktail will make you savour every drop as it were the last one.

The bartender Andreas Andricopoulus suddently got inspired. After his first trip to London, he returned embedded in the British charm, elegance and the most iconic British music. While he was there, he heard the Fool’s Garden emblematic song, Lemon Tree, and was left fascinated in such a way, especially by the lyric “Blue Blues Sky” it served as the main inspiration for the creation of this cocktail. Blue as the sky and as British as The London Nº1, which was the lead in this cocktail:

Blue Blue Sky.



  • 5 cl The London Nº1.
  • 2 cl Tío Pepe Sherry.
  • 1 cl Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto.
  • 1 cl Almond milk syrup.
  • 25 Salted blue Curacao.



The result is a glass full of elegance and class in which it seems to have captured a piece of London’s sky on a clear summer day. By enhancing the natural elegance of The London Nº1 and its enchanting flavours, it lead him to be one of 2018 Legends of London’s finalists.