Pure water is an essential part of The London Nº1’s unique flavour.  Because of this, in the latest Legends of London, we decided to collaborate with The Ocean Clean Up Project. For each bartender that took part in this famous cocktail making competition, The London Nº1 donated 1€ to The Ocean Cleanup Project, which is dedicated to the cleaning of our oceans.

Bartenders from various countries around the world took part by creating an original recipe, based on the City of London (music, buildings, famous people, history…), which also had to raise awareness for environmental issues. The most creative cocktails were lucky enough to take part in the International Grand Final in London, 14th October 2019.

And after the event, the new Master Legends of London 2019 is…
Better Idea of Life! A cocktail created by Peter Marcina, Bar Manager at Mirror Cocktail Bar in Slovakia. Congratulations!

We will soon present the winning and finalist recipes so that everyone can enjoy these new and unique ways to enjoy The London Nº1 flavour, all the while keeping the oceans as blue as our gin