The London Nº1 around the world – My Lounge, Cesana Brianza – Italy


This small establishment will surprise you as soon as you set foot inside it.

You wouldn’t imagine finding anything similar in the little town of Cesana Brianza, to the North of Milan, close to the border with Switzerland.


Its cocktails are prepared with dedication by the team headed by Luca Simonetta, who spread their passion for cocktails and beverage pairings.


Due to this dedication, the gastronomy is present in the small bites which accompany the cocktails and other beverages. High cuisine in miniature, where each and every sip and mouthful is a surprise.


During the last edition of World Gin Day 2016, My Lounge decided to take part in The London Nº1 cocktail contest with this delicacy called “Inked Sea”.


45 ml The London Nº
15 ml lime sorbet.
15 ml Tassoni Cedar water.
15 ml violet liqueur.
15 ml lemon juice.
7 ml vanilla syrup.


Decorate it with violets and pansies.