The London Nº1 around the world – Bar Riviera São Paulo (Brasil)

Founded in 1949, the Riviera is probably the oldest and most emblematic in the whole of São Paulo. Many writers have been inspired inside its four walls, many musicians paid tribute to it in their songs. It has also appeared in various films, one of its waiter was even converted into a comic strip character.


The establishment is distributed across two levels. The lower floor maintains its classic red bar while upstairs there is a large lounge-style bar.

Bar Riviera is well-known across the whole of Brasil becauase of its famous cocktails. Recently their young bartender Kennedy Nascimento won “Legends of London” the world cocktail competition by The London Nº1. Despite his age, Kennedy is a seasoned mixologist and has won the award for “Best Bartender in Latin America” many times, similarly the award for “Best Brazilian Bartender”.

For “Legends of London” he prepared his cocktail “Elementary”, a classic cocktail with a special twist that won over out panel of judges and stood out from every other entry.







If you feel like replicating the winning formula, we´ll share the recipe for you

to have a go at home:






50 ml The London Nº1.

20 ml Saint Germain Liquor

20 ml Lemon juice.

Egg White.




  • Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake slowly, without ice, to give it body.
  • Add ice and shake strongly for 10 seconds.
  • Slowly pour into a short Champagne glass.
  • Flambe Chartreuse on top.
  • Decorate with dried pomelo.

The London Nº1 around the World – Stockton, Hong Kong

Are you looking for a good bar in Hong Kong where you can enjoy a The London Nº1 cocktail? Stockton is your best choice. It´s in 8th place on the 50 best bars in Asia list and took part in The London Nº1 World Gin Day 2016 with “The Bishop” cocktail. An elegant establishment, at the end of a dark alley at 32 Wyndham St. Central, this venue, which only opens its doors if we have made a reservation in advance (, transports us to the era of Sherlock Holmes, when life moved at a slower pace.



Stockton HK_barra

Their cocktails are a reinterpretation of those primitive mixtures when, in 1800, rum came from the Caribbean, whisky was produced in Scotland and Ireland and the preparation of gin had relocated from Holland to England.


The team at the bar is composed by the creators and talented mixologists from Maximal Concepts who won the Tatler’s Best Cocktail 2013 award in Hong Kong, at Blue Butcher. To make the experience more authentic, at Stockton, in addition to ageing their own distillates in leather canteens, they offer a menu with the best brands in the World, amongst them, The London Nº1.




The Bishop_WGD-2016_2


Due to their experience and unique proposal, Stockton left no one indifferent. We encourage you to stop by and try their suggestion if you are ever in Hong Kong.

Cited underneath are some of the awards obtained by Stockton in 2016:

Hong Kong Nightlife Award – Best Bar

Hong Kong Nightlife Award – Best Cocktail Bar

Hong Kong Nightlife Award – Best Whisky Bar

Hong Kong Nightlife Award – Top 50 Best Bar

The London Nº1 around the world – My Lounge, Cesana Brianza – Italy


This small establishment will surprise you as soon as you set foot inside it.

You wouldn’t imagine finding anything similar in the little town of Cesana Brianza, to the North of Milan, close to the border with Switzerland.


Its cocktails are prepared with dedication by the team headed by Luca Simonetta, who spread their passion for cocktails and beverage pairings.


Due to this dedication, the gastronomy is present in the small bites which accompany the cocktails and other beverages. High cuisine in miniature, where each and every sip and mouthful is a surprise.


During the last edition of World Gin Day 2016, My Lounge decided to take part in The London Nº1 cocktail contest with this delicacy called “Inked Sea”.


45 ml The London Nº
15 ml lime sorbet.
15 ml Tassoni Cedar water.
15 ml violet liqueur.
15 ml lemon juice.
7 ml vanilla syrup.


Decorate it with violets and pansies.












The London Nº1 around the World – The Pearl (Shanghai)

Every day more than 24 million people walk the streets of Shanghai, one of the cities with the most inhabitants on the planet.


The gastronomy in this country is broad and varied, however there’s nothing better than a good recommendation to succeed at the time of stopping to enjoy a unique evening.


The Pearl is an establishment located in the district of Hongkou, to the north of Shanghai, and it’s one of the most popular restaurants in the city. It’s known for its spectacular atmosphere and live music. Every night you will be surprised with a different live performance that is just a small taste of what this restaurant offers.



The Pearl consists of three independent areas where the clients can relax whilist trying their best cocktails, such as the Gin of Thrones. This delicious cocktail, with a touch of basil, was their bet for the World Gin Day 2016 edition.



If you want to prepare it yourself, continue reading and discover this fantastic recipe.




Gin Of Thrones





  • 30 ml London Nº1.WGD_2016_cocktail_Mejorada
  • 30 ml Limoncello.
  • 30 ml Orgeat (Barley or Almond drink).
  • 5 leaves of fresh basil, thyme or sage.


Mix the ingredients, shake firmly and serve.


The London Nº1 around the world – PLATEAU (LONDON)

The Plateau restaurant and grill at Canary Wharf, the important business hub in East London, offers both contemporary, French dining Plateau_1and modern, grilled food in a stylish yet relaxed setting overlooking Canada Square.


You can enjoy dining on Plateau’s outdoor terraces, located on the 4th floor of Canary Wharf. Here you can taste one of their latest cocktails, prepared by the talented team of mixologists, who serve classic drinks and the most on-trend creations.

The Skyscraper, one of their signature cocktails, was created for the 2016 World Gin Day. This is a delicious cocktail that you’ll surely want to try to make yourself at home.




  • 50 ml. The London Nº 1.
  • 20 ml. lemon.
  • 15 ml. Chambord.
  • 10 ml. Maraschino.
  • 5 ml. Yellow Chartreause.
  • 5 ml. Gomme.



Shake it all up, pour it into a Martini glass and garnish with some orange zest.



If you’d like to experience a memorable night of tasty food and drinks, check out social media for news about Plateau.