The London Nº1 around the world – Roxanne Gin Bar&Food (Bogotá – Colombia)

Roxanne_GT_1In the North of Bogotá, nights are filled with movement, colour and sound. The Pink Zone is an exclusive space for meetings and entertainment which provides a large number of possibilities, since in the whole sector, especially in what is referred to as the T Zone, you can enjoy one of the best renovated and gastronomic venues from the Colombian capital: Roxanne Gin Bar & Food.





This restaurant offers a great variety of liquors and cocktails, those of which can be tasted whilst enjoying good music. One of their iconic beverages is the “Blue Big Ben” which was the chosen cocktail in 2016 to represent the establishment in the #WorldGinDay contest.



Captura de pantalla 2017-06-20 a las 12.58.52How to prepare “Blue Big Ben”:


– The London Nº. 1

– Cardamom

– Blue syrup

– Fever-Tree Mediterranean

– Fever-Tree Ginger Beer


Shake and serve. For the final touch, decorate with lemon peel.


If you want to benefit from a memorable night with a London Nº1 cocktail and good music, you can obtain more information on the Roxanne Gin Bar & Food pages.



The London Nº1 around the world – PLATEAU (LONDON)

The Plateau restaurant and grill at Canary Wharf, the important business hub in East London, offers both contemporary, French dining Plateau_1and modern, grilled food in a stylish yet relaxed setting overlooking Canada Square.


You can enjoy dining on Plateau’s outdoor terraces, located on the 4th floor of Canary Wharf. Here you can taste one of their latest cocktails, prepared by the talented team of mixologists, who serve classic drinks and the most on-trend creations.

The Skyscraper, one of their signature cocktails, was created for the 2016 World Gin Day. This is a delicious cocktail that you’ll surely want to try to make yourself at home.




  • 50 ml. The London Nº 1.
  • 20 ml. lemon.
  • 15 ml. Chambord.
  • 10 ml. Maraschino.
  • 5 ml. Yellow Chartreause.
  • 5 ml. Gomme.



Shake it all up, pour it into a Martini glass and garnish with some orange zest.



If you’d like to experience a memorable night of tasty food and drinks, check out social media for news about Plateau.